A challenge to all my Sweet Sorority Sisters

If you’ve ever been in a sorority or a fraternity (or maybe a “local sorority or fraternity”, like at my university) you know that being apart of these sororities and fraternities are some of the greatest sources of joy….and also some of the greatest sources of pain.

I have always been fanatically passionate about school spirit, team pride, pledging my sorority..you name it. I mean, I have just always been a passionate person in general ha.

To me, there is hardly anything as fun as receiving a challenge as a group of people…and overcoming that challenge.


Suffering brings unity.


Having girls to bump into all across campus with whom you share an experience with that no one else understands is a constant heart-warmer…


…But then again, there’s nights when I come home from club meetings and I just cry.

Because no one was excited to see me as I walked into that meeting.

And “no one would probably even notice If I just de-activated”

I’ve had too many of these pity parties and I know I’m not alone.


And to top it all off I wonder if I should even be in a sorority at all. Thankfully, I have friends who constantly challenge me… and challenging me on whether or not I’m being Christ-like in my sorority is no exception.

“Is harassing people in order to get them to see the importance of your sorority really the most christ-like way to welcome someone in?”

“If girls are breaking down because they don’t feel “good enough” or “worthy” to be apart of this group of girls, is it really worth it?”

“Is this were truly a Christ-like sorority, MEMBERS would be SERVING the pledges…show me a sorority/fraternity that does that.”

I’m not here to answer any of these questions, but I do want to bring these issues to light.

Particularly the issue of unworthiness in sororities.

I believe with everything I have that the ONLY WAY to make a difference in our sororities is to get over ourselves.

Please hear my heart behind this. Sisters…women of God…


Maybe the reason we all have break-down moments is because we are so wrapped up in ourselves that we are miserable.

We spend so much time and effort trying to be “outstanding” in our sororities and trying to be cool and funny and a leader that we neglect our responsibility to SERVE our sisters.

Instead of walking into your sorority anxious and worried about what others are going to think of you, walk into that same room and think, “Who can I be the difference for? Who can I love? Who can I welcome?”

Because listen, we are fully approved through Jesus and such insecure thoughts DO NOT BELONG TO US. You go ahead and lasso those insecure thoughts right back to hell where they belong, because do you know what IS for you? To walk confidently in your identity as a child of God and as a woman who is taken care of and loved. So that you can get over yourself and start loving others the way Christ would.

I’m not saying neglect yourself. Not at all.

But I believe the only way to serve others the way Christ would be to stop walking around like we have a mirror in front of our face all day, and to set our eyes on our sisters, through the lens of Christ.

Beloved women, we have to get over ourselves. We have to quit this comparison game. And we have to realize that the ONLY way our sororities will start to change is when we can stop walking around all day consumed with ourselves.

What would our sororities look like if we all got over ourselves?

Its just like when people rag on “society” for being awful..YOU ARE society! So then you must ask yourself, “what am I going to do about it?”

YOU ARE a member of your sorority. YOU as individuals are what make up your sororities.

So please be the change, sweet women!

There are girls to be loved.

There are girls who need to know that Jesus Christ has paid the price for them to be free!

There are future businesswomen and missionaries and moms and coaches whom God has appointed YOU to inspire and love and empower and speak truth to.

Do you realize the ripple effect the women in your sorority will make in the world?

Do you realize all the people that will be changed because of the members of your sorority?

THIS is your mission field right now.

So the question is, beautiful sisters….

What are YOU going to do about it?






3 thoughts on “A challenge to all my Sweet Sorority Sisters

  1. Though I’m not religious, I am in a sorority and love my sisters and what the organization has given me. I completely agree – when we get wrapped up in ourselves, we forget that we should be thinking less about what we are getting out of the situation and more about what we can potentially give everyone around us, including our sisters. I also find that what you put in is what you’ll get out. Thanks for a refreshing reminder!

  2. Great post! Not a sorority sister obviously, but the principles you mentioned still spoke to me. It’s hard to avoid the comparison game in life, but it’s definitely worth it so that we can get over ourselves to fulfill our callings as Christians. Thanks!

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