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I’m so happy you’re here! All I know is I’ve tasted and seen the love of God. A life of faith is the only life I want to live.  I love waking up every morning knowing I’m a part of a story much much bigger than myself.

{Being Malleable}

I’m always learning. I’m never 100% right. That’s what this blog is all about: my journey of being molded by The Potter. Everything I write is something I feel convicted to share, in hopes of one right person reading it and coming to know God more. Let’s read with grace. Let’s take all things to God, and Let’s be malleable.

So honored you’re here,

Anna Koistinen, 21.

Abilene Christian University



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159 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Anna,
    A lot of people are commenting rude, hateful, un-thoughtful, things about you. Please don’t listen to them cause you are awesome. Keep listening to God.

  2. Anna, Thank you for standing up in a world that will not like what you are saying, and they will attack you and our King. As young man I find it discouraging when so many people fall away from God, or when they shrink back when they should stand. It is my prayer that you and I(and many others) will continue to stand. Thank you for being real. God’s grace be with you.

    In Christ,

    William, 18 and fellow solider of Christ.(I also have a blog)

  3. I’m pretty sure it’s Biblically not your place to be giving Christian men advice. This blog seems to be about your twenty-year-old ego, and less about actually seeking Christ. It strikes me that you’re mimicking Christianese instead of drawing from actual life experience. The actual content of what you’re saying is shallow. Don’t use Jesus to grow your myspace.

    1. That is very rude of you! If you are such a good Christian, then why do you talk to other Christians that way? God wants us to love our neighbors as ourselves and this is whats wrong with our world!

    2. I’m not sure why you spend your time patrolling other people’s sites and criticizing…it’s bullying essentially. These posts are well written and from the heart and speak to the reader. We’re called to share love and grace with each other, not to tear each other down. There’s enough that already divides us – God Bless 🙂

  4. I can’t believe I just found this article. You are incredible! What religion do you practice? I don’t think we practice the same one exactly, but based on this our beliefs are really similar. I just wondered. You have inspired me to continue leading a virtuous life and to look for a companion who will join me in that. Thank you for letting the Lord work through you. You have obviously blessed the lives of so many.

    1. Hi Ashleigh! I’m excited to know you’ve been encouraged! So cool! I am a christian. However, I have grown to realize that Christianity is NOT about religion. It’s all about allowing Jesus into your life and learning about Him AND His heart through His word (The Bible) and with the help of the Holy Spirit 🙂 and loving others how He loves us! i would love to talk to you some more! Please email me at bemalleable@gmail.com if you have anymore questions! Have an amazing night Ashleigh! ❤

    1. Sheesh, people. People like Anna are who are making this world a better place. You should be thanking her instead of rebuking her.

  5. Anna, daughter (19) and friend looking for a young woman’s bible study, not video driven preferably. Have you done any that you think are good? Daughter and friend attend WTAMU in Canyon, TX
    Jennie (in Colorado)

  6. Hi. Three things. 1. I love the fact that you’re a beautiful young lady (20, I’m so proud of you. Because you’re stepping up so young, you have more time to impact the world for decades) who truly loves Jesus. Unfortunately in some areas that can be rare to find so please remember that.

    2. I can tell how much you love Him in all of your articles, and I love people who have a true love for my King. They become “my friends” because we live for the same cause. To glorify our King whose ambassadors we also are in this world.

    3. Thank you for enlightning us with your insights and encouraging words. Keep shining the light that God put in you by using your writing skills. One of your many gifts to the world. Another writer told me today that some people never preached a sermon, but their books have transformed lives all over the world. Be strong. Hopefully I’ll read your books some day. With the biggest thank you from my heart, God bless you Anna.

  7. I wrote something in response this and was wondering if I could email it to you and possibly have you share it with you readers in response to your article. It is not bashing your article or women it is actually directed towards men and women.

      1. Would you be nice? I mean, Anna IS a BEAUTIFUL daughter in Christ, and you would be too if you were encouraging her and others.

  8. Hey Anna,
    So I was just wondering if you ever struggled through times you felt like you couldn’t be the amazing person Good wants you to be. I can’t even see what I can be, because it seems I lack the faith to be new and mive greater things. I don’t know how to gain it. I cried while reading “If only you knew” because that is exactly the way I have felt. I use to be what God wanted me to be, more than I ever imagined he could make ma- and loved life. It seems like I didn’t know how big the mountains were I prayed God to give me. How do become one of God’s elect and truly become what he wants me to be? Thank you for all your post, you truly are his disciple, Eliza

    1. I guess she doesn’t care about you. It’s not cool to answer every comment on your own blog, donchya know?

  9. Hey Anna, one of my friends just shared your post, “Last Night I Took Off My Purity Ring.” Love it. And looks like we have a very similar heart/passion in our writing. I’m quite impressed with your wisdom and assuredness at such a young age. I wish you the best. Keep writing girl!

  10. Hi! I really love your blog! It’s really amazing how you conveyed the messages that The Lord wants everyone to hear! Really encouraging and helpful in my spiritual life! 😀

    When will you be posting your next entry? I’m really looking forward to it!

    May God continue to look after you and everyone else! Thank you so much for serving The Lord.

    1. Thank you so much! I only post things that the Lord reveals to me, so I never know when that wil be 🙂 haha. I wish I could say when I will post next, but I don’t! I might never post again as far as I know.

  11. Re: Sincerely one of many girls who care.
    Hi Anna,

    My name is J.R. (seriously that’s my legal first name) and I wanted to say Thank you, so much for your words. They cut deep to my heart, piercing and healing it at once.

    The struggle is real, it will never end for [me and] the majority of men in this body. (And it saddens me more to know that it is as common a struggle for men as the struggle to feel beautiful is for women. Girls you’re all so SO beautiful) There are many weary days– despite my absolute love for life now and everything in it– that I beg to be fully with Christ in the kingdom of heaven where sin has finally lost and I will have to struggle no longer. In the moments of temptation, the fervor of the lusty impulse burns stronger for me than a need for water when dehydrated. There have been many times of deep shame after “failure” where I can’t even look at my sisters and female friends lest I lust after them too. I’ve lived often in the thought that I’m constantly “a sinner in need of grace” and often need to be reminded that I’m not in need (though sin might permeate my being). I have already received grace that was freely given. Those sins aren’t me, and I need to continually invite the spirit to keep me becoming the man I’m designed to be. Your words reminded me of that tonight and at 25 years old I fell to the floor in tears at the remembrance of God’s constant, unconditional, unexplainable, undeserved love for us.

    I want to get married and love my wife daily, hourly, every second, fully and creatively with all the energy I possibly can– fathering her children with all that I am, cherishing and pursuing her through 60+ years of marriage. I have no intention or desire to bring a deep weighted problem into our marriage. I want to love her through the worst of the worst, but I forget that she might choose to love me and struggle with me (as Christ constantly does) through my stuff too

    Thank you. Thank you for your words Anna. God loved and blessed me through them tonight. I’ll keep striving toward him like a child learning to walk, knowing daddy loves me even when I fall on my face.

    ps I just saw John’s response to women. I’m completely on board with him and will be more vocal about it now.

  12. Hey!
    I loved reading your blog. I’m a 17 year old Christian boy from Australia that is struggling with pornography and related issues.
    Is there anyway I can contact you in a private forum to chat through my issues?

    1. Hey there! It’s so great to know that you are in a place where you want help and accountability and someone to talk to. Unfortunately, you don’t need me, you need a strong Godly guy who will keep you accountable and be there for you on a constant basis. Thank you so much for reading my article and I pray God equips you with great community soon to help you and get you back where you need to be!!

  13. I wish more women thought this way. I have been struggling with living a lifestyle that does not include lust for as long as I can remember. This article speaks to me about how not only am I not the only one struggling but there are women who do actually understand how dressing like this makes it far more difficult for a man to treat her with the respect she deserves. thank you for your wonderful words. I look forward to more insight.


  14. Hi. I recently read your article. (Translated into Slovak language. “Sincerely, One of Many Girls Who Care”) and I really like it. This week is my week of giving positive feedback to people who deserve it, so I found you and here I am, writing to you. (maybe its stupid… I dont know)

    I think it took a great courage to write something like that. I was impressed by your way of thinking and you make me think about things I didnt think about before. I am not a christian but your words really touch me and I think you are person who deserve compliment.
    Have a nice day
    …sorry for my English

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