Julia in a Dress

Julia In a Dress

There are a lot of lovely people in this world. One of them is my amazing friend, Julia Mata-Stern. What a gorgeous soul.

Julia (unknowingly) inspires me to love people exactly how they are. She does this with me and she doesn’t even know how much it means to me. We’ll have our facetime dates and I can talk about my boy problems for forever and she won’t even judge me! Haha! What would I do without her? ;) I love the way she’ll  listen to anyone with an open mind and steady attention.

But what I love most about Julia Mata-Stern is her willingness to go above and beyond for those she loves, even if they are people she’s never met.

On August 10th, Julia started a year-long journey of fundraising for Restore International, a non-profit organization committed to building classrooms for children in Uganda in order to educate them, inspire them, and love them into a future where they can do the same for others. She hopes to raise $30,000 in order to fund a new classroom for these kids!

But you want to know the real kicker? In order to fundraise/raise awareness for these kids,Julia is wearing the same dress every day. For 365 daysOne Whole Year. After reading Love Does by Bob Goff, she felt moved by the Lord to do something never done before. And let me tell you, the woman did just that.

Love Does by Bob Goff

People don’t really understand her a lot of times. They don’t understand how someone could do something so different,  so against the “social norm” just to raise money for some “random kids in Uganda”.

But I believe some of the most beautiful acts of love are ones that simply cannot be understood. Like the God of the Universe becoming human only to be humiliated on a tree (that he made) by his own creation simply to be in a relationship a with them.

What a beautiful act of love. I’m so proud to have a friend who exemplifies the same kind of love that doesn’t make sense to most. This is the kind of love that sparks curiosity and reels people in. She is an inspiration to many.


I’m so happy to have Julia be the first to be featured on my new page “Inspiring People!” If you’d like to know more about Julia and her journey or if you feel moved to donate to her cause with Restore International, visit juliainadress.com!

Happy New Year and may you be inspired to love people with an incomprehensible love!

Julia's Launch Party!


4 thoughts on “Julia in a Dress

  1. First, I have to say that I really enjoy reading your blog. As a mid-20’s Christian guy, it’s refreshing to read posts like yours. Keep up the amazing writing!

    Second, I wanted to let you know that in the last full paragraph part of the text of “visit juliainadress.com!” is a tiny font. Just so you know!

    Have an amazing weekend!

  2. Wow. Yes, God bless Julia Mata-Stern abundantly! This warms my heart knowing that one person is doing something self-sacrificing in order to further the kingdom of God. My prayers and thoughts are with that amazing woman in her year of fundraising, as well as her experience in Uganda!

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